Pet Friendly Condos in Kitchener Waterloo

By Warren McNeil

One of the most disappointing things that can happen when searching for a condominium or loft is finding out that you are not allowed to have pets in the building. The other disappointing thing is finding out that your pet doesn’t meet within the appropriate size restriction or the type of pet you have is not allowed. These reasons can prevent you from making the decision¬† to buy a condominium. Unlike freehold single-family homes, condos have rules and regulations that can prevent or place restrictions on pets.

It is very important to do your research before buying a condominium so that you understand all the rules and regulations pertaining to pets. In Kitchener Waterloo there are lots of condominiums that will allow you to have pets. The only thing is finding them.

I was working with a client this past year and they wondered if they could have their large breed dog live with them in the unit. We found out during our search that the unit the client wanted to buy didn’t allow large dogs and they were faced with a difficult decision. They decided to buy the condo and the dog ended up living with another family member.

As a pet lover, it is very difficult to make these decisions. Pets become part of the family and when you find out that they are not allowed to live with you it can get pretty nerve-racking to find a place to live with your pet.

Sometimes people aren’t in the position to buy a freehold home and buying condo is their best ¬†option. In this case you need to know that there could be some due-dilligence that will need to be done before buying a condo.

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