Kitchener City Centre Condominiums by Andrin Homes

by Warren McNeil – I did a video about the new Andrin Homes condo development in downtown Kitchener.


Kaufman Lofts
Award Winning Kaufman Lofts buildings


These new condos are really going to transform the downtown core and will be the go to destination for the years to come. Located on prime real estate these two towers will have around 400 condominium units. One tower will be facing Duke and Young St  and the other one will face King Street. The tentative completion date for the first tower is December 2013.

In the video I make reference that the City Centre condominiums will be Leed certified. Here is a link to learn more about what Leed certification means:

Wikipedia – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design 

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Things you Need to Know When Buying a Condo in K-W

By Warren McNeil

Do you have your New Years resolution yet? Let me guess, you need to lose weight, exercise and save money. Maybe your New Years resolution is to buy a condo or loft in Kitchener-Waterloo. If this is the case, then there are some things you need to know before you plop down the cash. Some people overlook these things so I will summarize what you should look for. That way you will know what to expect when you buy a condo or loft.

Check out this little video I created regarding buying condos and lofts.

*Video:tips for buying a condo or loft in kitchener-waterloo and cambridge

Having an understanding of condos or lofts is important so you can make sense of their differences from freehold housing.

All non-freehold condo or lofts have common elements. Common elements are owned by everyone and include the lobby, elevator, swimming pools, exercise room, hallways etc. Common elements are anything outside of your unit.

It’s very important to understand how parking works. Do you get one spot? Can your rent another spot. Is parking underground? How much visitor parking?

Condos or lofts are also subject to a monthly condo fee. This fee covers maintenance of the building and ground and the common elements. The condo fees in Kitchener-Waterloo or Cambridge can range in prices from $150-600 per month. The higher fees usually cover others things such as fitness facility and swimming pool maintance costs.

If you have pets, you need to make sure that the condominium corporation will allow them. I know that the Kaufman lofts, LeMarche are a couple of buildings that allow pets. Size restrictions may apply. Realtors will be able to find out which condos are pet friendly.

Condos and lofts are subject to strict rules and regulations that prevent you from making changes to any of the common areas. You need to get permission if you want to make a change such as build a fence, changing doors & windows, paint garage doors etc. Read through the rules and regulations to find out what you can and can’t do. You can request the rules and regulations from the property management company.

Lastly. it is important to have your lawyer review the status certificate so that you know that the finances for the condo corporation are in good standing.

I hope you found this information helpful. As you can see there is a little more that you need ot know about condos or lofts when compared to a freehold housing.

What do you think your biggest concern is when buying a condo or loft in Kitchener-Waterloo or Cambrige (High condo  fees, pet friendly, parking) ?  Let me know.

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Andrin Homes near deal for long awaited project

By Warren McNeil

Andrin Homes President Peter Smith said that there will be an agreement in place next month (January 2010) for the re-development of the city-owned half of Centre block which is bound by King, Young, Duke and Ontario streets.

The project will add 385 new condos to the downtown core. Andrin Homes is planning to build a sales office on the block fronting on King Street West.

They are planning on starting sales in August of 2010. The first phase will include a building with 235 condos and will face Duke St. Phase 2 will have 150 condo units on King St. The last phase is  a boutique hotel in what is currently the Mayfair hotel.

“The City of Kitchener is targeting young high-tech workers in its marketing campaign for downtown living. It’s paying dividends, as many high-tech workers bought space in the Kaufman Lofts. Open Text recently announced it is constructing another building in the research park and hiring another 800 people.”

Andrin Homes built the award winning Kaufman Lofts.

Source: City and developer near deal for long-awaited project

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Tips for Selling Your Kitchener Waterloo Loft or Condo

By Warren McNeil

Thinking about selling your loft or condo and  taking some of the equity to buy something else? Maybe you’re downsizing. Whatever the case, this posting might help you alongKaufman Lofts in Kitchener this journey. Selling your home is a big lifestyle change and can be very disruptive.

1. The first thing you need to do is decide if now is the right time to sell. To determine that, you can talk to your local realtor and find out about the recent sales activity in your complex. This should give you an idea of what is selling and what is just sitting and not selling. Timing  sometimes plays an important part in getting the most money.

2. Have your realtor give you an accurate market analysis of your condo or loft. This analysis will include the most recent sales, expired listings and currently active for sale listings. You can then use this information to come up with a suitable list price. Pricing is not an exact science so the goal is to use the most recent comparables and then be satisfied on the suggested list price. Overpricing your condo or loft will just make prospective buyers look elsewhere. Buyers won’t put an offer even if you left a bit of room to negotiate. They will just wait for you to reduce the price. You need to decide if you want sell your condo or just put it on the market.

3. After you have the price figured out, you need to prepare you condo or loft so it is ready for sale. Consider staging, cleaning, renting furniture, decluttering and performing small repairs. Imagine yourself as the buyer andlook through their eyes. If you don’t want to do the work yourself or just don’t have time, hire a stager or a professional organizer. When meeting with these professionals, be sure to keep an open mind. If you are really ambitious, consider replacing the carpets and painting. Keep in mind that you might not get a one-to-one ROI. Every dollar counts so watch your budget.

4. Once your condo or loft is listed and open to prospective buyers, try and remain flexible with the showing schedule. The more people who see the unit, the higher your chances are of getting an offer quickly and for top dollar. Make sure that you provide the realtor with all the information such as parking spot(s), location of lockers, fitness facilities, common areas and any other details unique to your condo. Making the unit easy to show is important. If you have a controlled entry, make sure that you have the keys or electronic fobs handy for the realtor.

5. When an offer is received keep an open mind. Everybody wants a deal so expect that you might get low offers. You are always in control so you don’t have to take them. The key is not to lose faith. The right offer will come along by someone who really wants the unit. You do have to be realistic. Please re-read step 2. If you get 5 offers all at a lower price then that is the market telling you that your pricing mght need readjustment.

6. Some final things you need to keep in mind are: Be prepared for the closing costs. For a seller this process is pretty simple so just be sure to budget some money for closing costs. Another thing you need to do is maintain house insurance all the way through until closing. You also owe it to the future buyer to keep the house in good condition and repair any damage sto chattel or fixtures should they break or malfunction.


Some other quick tips or tools for selling are:

  • open houses
  • flyers since for sale signs are not always allowed
  • word of mouth (Facebook, Twitter or any other social site)
  • obviously advertising in papers and real estate publishings

The above information is just a quick overview of the process and some tips for selling lofts or condos in the Kitchener Waterloo or Cambridge areas.

If you have any questions or would like more information about selling your Kitchener,Waterloo or Cambridge area condo or loft, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For a free condo evaluation, checkout our Kitchener Waterloo free condo evaluation services

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4 Loft & Condo Developments in Kitchener-Waterloo

By Warren McNeil

Searching for a condo or loft in Kitchener,Waterloo or Cambridge? Here are a few options to consider if you are in the market.

Kaufman Lofts – 404 & 410 King St W, KitchenerKaufman Lofts - Boca model - Kitchener Waterloo Condos & Lofts

 Situated downtown Kitchener on the corner of King and Victoria St is the Kaufman Lofts. This award winning development offers 11-13 foot high ceilings, polished concrete floors and columns, designer inspired kitchens, sliding barn doors, some units  feature subway style backsplash and granite counter tops, and full featured sumptuous bathrooms. Loft sizes range from 515 sq.ft in the SOHO up to 1135 sq.ft in the Neptune. For a complete list of floor plans, see Kaufman Lofts Floor Plans.

The Kaufman Lofts are built by Andrin Homes. As of this writing, there are currently 10 lofts for sale ranging in price from, 174,900 (600 sq.ft) to 289,900 (1120 sq.ft). There is also a 570 sq.ft unit available for 1,195 per/month lease.

LeMarche Condos – 165 Duke St, Kitchener

These beautiful condos are located in the east end of downtown Kitchener attached to the Kitchener Farmers Market (aka Your Kitchener Market). The developer is the Barrel Works who also built the Seagrams lofts in Waterloo. These condos are open concept in design, hardwood floors, modern kitchens with granite countertops and maple cabinetry. In-suite laundry, underground parking and use of a quiet court for get togethers with friends or family.

There are units currently for sale between $194,900(864 sq.ft) to $269,900 to (1294 sq.ft).

Seagrams Lofts –  3 & 5 Father David Bauer, Waterloo

Next is a Waterloo condo development which was also developed by the Barrel Works Group along with Terra View Homes and Kiwi Newton Construction. At a cost of over 25 million to develop, there are a total of 103 loftstyle condomiums that take up a site area of over 2.3 acres. Before the buildings were built, the site was used as a distillery warehouse, housing upto 17,000 barrels of whiskey.

Seagram Lofts is adaptive reuse of a brownfield site, which created residential property in the heart of Waterloo’s downtown core from two, heritage,  whisky-barrel warehouses. As part of downtown Waterloo’s revitalization, the project was the subject of much public interest.The project created 103 loft-style condominium units with high ceilings and large windows. Complementing these features are original brick walls and barrel-wood, evoking the old  warehouse feel.” source CMHC Case Study Waterloo Seagrams Lofts case study.

There is currently only one unit for sale that is priced at $359,000 and is 1260 sq.ft.

Sources: CMHC Case Study Waterloo Seagrams Lofts
CMHC Case Study Waterloo Seagrams Lofts

Bauer Lofts – 191 King St S. Waterloo Bauer Loft Waterloo

 A new development situated in Uptown Waterloo is the Bauer lofts. These modern lofts feature 10 foot ceilings and 8 foot high door entrances. Units range in size between 600-1200 sq.ft and larger.  The Bistro-style kitchen features centre island and stylish modern cabinetry. This development blends the old with the new .  All the units are almost sold out with the exception of one unit that is currently listed at $339,900 for 1265 sq.ft. They are leasing units between $1500 to $2850.

For more information about these or any other loft or condo in Kitchener-Waterloo area, please contact us.

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